Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Recap

Well it's been too long since I've updated this site, so I figured I would bring things up to date with a brief photo recap of where I've been since I last posted. I'd love to write about each and every thing I've done but I just don't have the time so here goes:

Bass fishing in Alabama

A little striper fishing below Martin Dam in Alabama

Took a break from fishing to waste shells trying to hit clay targets

Did a little more bass fishing in Alabama...

Even more bucket mouths in bama...

Went on up to Tennessee to catch some smallies

Had some spots mixed in with the smallies

While in TN I had the opportunity to get into some rainbows too!

Took another break from fishing to sling some lead

Moved on down to Florida to tackle some Kings and Snapper, this guy was putting the whoopin' on me! Team work makes the dream work though, and we managed to land him.

Gonna be eating good for awhile after this trip

Did a little inshore fishing too while on the coast, these trout may not be huge but they still managed to put up a stout fight!

       And that's where I'm at now. Not to sure where I'll end up next but I'll keep y'all posted now that everything is up to date. Until then,
                                Tight Lines!