Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally Meeting the Alabama Rig

First off, the "Alabama Rig" I luckily stumbled upon is in fact a spin-off of the original called The Swarm, made by Sworming Hornet Lures.  As far as functionality goes, the Swarm and the original A-rig are basically the same.  After all the publicity this five armed monstrosity has received it feels strange to be seeing it in person instead of in a twitpic on my computer screen. 

 Tomorrow I will be heading out to my local honey hole (exact location will remain top secret) to test this contraption out.  As far as what my expectations are, it's hard to say.  This rig is just another tool in a bass fisherman's arsenal.  Like other tools, this rig has certain situations that it excels in and certain situations where it probably isn't the best option.  It seems that many anglers have raised the A-rig to a "magic lure" standard that no bait can match. Many other anglers fear that this is the precursor to what I like to call the "NCAA Tournament Bracket Rig".  Everyone just needs to step back and view it for what it is, just another bait in the endless sea of lures.  I'll post again this weekend with the results of what this castable umbrella rig turns up for me tomorrow. 

Until then, Tight Lines and have a great weekend folks!

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