Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If you know me, the idea of me writing poetry alone would be enough to make you laugh. I'm no hopeless romantic with pen, paper, and a beret. Nonetheless I was required to write a poem for a creative writing class he at Auburn University, and naturally fishing rose to the top of the potential topics list. 14 lines later, a fishing poem was born. For your entertainment, I'm passing it on to y'all.

The sight of the river creates a spark in the hearts of some men,
 Building a fire in their soul as they walk closer to the water.
I reach the edge of the clear mountain stream and begin to become more aware.
A splash echoes off of the rocky bluff downstream.
Something is here, and it is hungry.
I cautiously wade into the crystal rapids,
One misstep would alert them that trouble has entered their domain.
I whisper to myself my strategy as I ready my weapon.
With one graceful motion, the chess match begins.
I watch my fly begin its drift, wandering the current as it glides towards an eddy.
A sly grin grows on my face as I watch the checkmate grow nearer.
The surface explodes, shattering the silence like glass.
The line transforms from spaghetti to a rubber band at its breaking point.
The real battle has now begun.

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